Thursday, 25 February 2016

A Touch of Glitter and a Diary!


First of all, apologies for my absence! My blog has been quiet for a month but today I have a new manicure to show you and a little diary entry for anyone who might like to read it and find out a little more about me :-)

I have talked about this on the blog before but I suffer from depression with related physical and mental health issues. I've been unwell for going on 15 years now, since I was quite young! It's severe enough to be classed as a disability and has a huge impact on what I'm able to do day-to-day. Nail art is a great hobby which makes me feel a tiny bit fulfilled (and cheered up when I have pretty designs on my nails to look at and wonderfully lovely comments from readers). However, I do have periods of time where I'm not up to doing my hobby so much and I can't always predict when or how long those periods might be. Most of the time I can still manage to post on Instagram fairly frequently but I just had a week of wearing the same chipping nail polish and wasn't up to doing anything about it!

Fortunately I'm feeling a little better now so last night I cut and filed my nails to a nice new length (they were dry and damaged from that week of not looking after them), then I got out two of my absolute favourite polishes for a fresh mani! Blueberry Muffin by Models Own is the most gorgeous pale blue and Noel Street by Nails Inc is an amazing foil-like silver glitter. I allowed two coats of Blueberry Muffin to fully dry then used French tip guide stickers to add a sort of reverse French curve of glitter to the base of my nails.

The mani is a recreation of one I did a year ago, which I posted as a throwback on my Instagram while I was getting ready to sort my nails out. Here is the original, in pink:

I'm really fond of this idea and I hope you are too! With luck I'll be able to continue with blogging and painting my nails now ~ I still have some wonderful Born Pretty Store goodies to show you and I really will have to apologise to my BPS rep for such an awful delay.

Hope to be back soon!


Lisa xx