Thursday, 26 May 2016

Stamped Bird Manicures


I've been lacking in inspiration a little recently, so I went back to some of my favourite manicure ideas and recreated them! These three all involve birds - a Bird & Lace mani, a Birdcage mani, and a Bird & Glitter mani. They all use Moyou's Kitty 11 stamping plate, plus plate Tourist 07 for the lace xx

I'm thinking of recreating an antique butterfly mani next!


Lisa xx

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Charlies Nail Art Manicures


Charlies Nail Art is the UK website that I use to buy things like water decals, rhinestones and charms for my nails! They're a really lovely company so I'm more than happy to show my support for them, and in return I have a discount code especially for my readers: GNAF10 xx

This post is a collection of manicures done using bits and pieces I've bought from Charlie's. Do let me know if you check them out! ^_^

1. Strawberry Manicure! This is the mani I'm wearing right now and it's cheering me up a lot with its bright colours. They are full cover water decals.

2. Bunny Manicure! I applied rabbit water decals over Models Own Utopia, with a golden accent nail of Models Own Chrome Olive.

3. Dried Flower Manicure! I started with a delicate sheer purple base of OPI's Care To Danse, then applied two mauve dried flowers. I added two layers of top coat to make them look like they were under glass.

4. Boudoir Manicure! I painted my index, pinky and thumbs in pastels, then used my MoYou Flower Power plate and stamping mat to create dark floral stamping decals for my middle nails. I finished the mani with a sinle rhinestone and a perfume bottle nail charm.

5. Beach Manicure! These are also full-cover water decals, creating a bejewelled seashore across my nails ^_^

I hope you like my manis; I had lots of fun making them xx


Lisa xx

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Essie Bling Manicure


For this manicure I decided to pair a classic French manicure with an ultra-sparkly accent nail. My polishes of choice were two Essies - the sheer Mademoiselle and the chrome-purple glitter Stroke of Brilliance.

One of the best nail polish "cheats" I've learnt is how to turn a top coat glitter into a full-coverage glitter bomb! All you do is paint the polish onto a washing-up sponge and then dab it onto your nails. The sponge soaks up the excess base, so on your nails you end up with all the glitter and not a thick mess!

So, I used this technique on my ring fingernail as an accent and applied two coats of top coat for a smooth finish. I would recommend using a peel-off base coat if you're doing this on more than a couple of nails, removal is tricky! I used French tip guide stickers and a plain white polish to do a French mani on the rest of my nails. Here is the result...

I hope you like it! I loved seeing the hit of sparkle ^_^


Lisa xx

Monday, 9 May 2016

Dozy Owl Manicure!


In my water decal collection I have a few sheets of YRNails owls that always look cute on short nails! I chose the purple dozy owls since I'm a dozy sleepy Lisa, and I applied them over Barry M Cotton.

 I bought the decals from YRNails here ^_^



Lisa xx

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Star Trek Uniform Manicure


Sorry for being so quiet on my blog ~ I have lots of pictures of my nails up on Instagram but I've been too tired to keep up the full written posts. That said, I'm trying out designs on my newly short nails and wanted to show you this one!

I love Star Trek so I've done a half-moon manicure with glossy black and metallic colours representing the uniforms. My black is from Xtras and my colours are all Models Own Colour Chromes: Red, Olive, Turquoise and Grey. I used page reinforcer stationery stickers to create the curves.

I also added a MoYou Hand Tattoo for a technological finish to my mani!

I hope you like it!


Lisa xx

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Fun With Stamping Decals!


I've been having so much fun making stamping decals with my new MoYou workshop mat, practising with different polishes, plates, colours, styles... so much so that I have six whole manicures to show you!!

1. Vintage Floral Manicure

This is Barry M Rosehip topped with a vintage rose pattern from MoYou plate Pro 17. I coloured in the roses on my stmaping mat ^_^

2. Butterfly Wing Manicure

This uses a wing pattern from MoYou Kitty 12, coloured in with lots of different brights and applied over the sheer Essie Mademoiselle.

3. Soft Floral Manicure

This is one of my favourites! My base is Models Own Blueberry Muffin and I made silver stamping decals from my Born Pretty floral plate with lilac coloured flowers. I used matte top coat to keep the mani nice and soft.

4. Pastel Rainbow Starbucks Manicure

Just for fun while I had my stamping mat out, I made a couple of coffee cup decals! I painted my nails in a pastel skittles, applied the decal to my ring fingernail and stamped on a coffee pattern from MoYou Cookbook 05 on the rest.

5. Rainbow Starbucks Manicure

As above, but with more primary toned colours! I also coloured in the coffee cup sleeves to match the colour of the nail. The problem with this decal is that the word "coffee" is backwards... I should have tried flipping the decals over!

6. Parisian Floral Manicure

This is my manicure today! The base colour is Nicole by OPI's Sweet surrender, a beautiful bargain I found in Xtras for £2.99. On top I have the Eiffel Tower from MoYou Tourist 07 and a floral pattern from Pro 17. I really love this one.


Lisa xx

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Moyou London ~ Your Magic Workshop Stamping Mat Review


I haven't had the energy to blog for quite a while now, but I just had to come back with a review for Moyou's new stamping mat! I bought it for £9.00 here (along with a couple of new plates to try it out with!).

Firstly, I love stamping but have had no luck making stamping decals; every attempt has been a bit of a failure and a heartbreak for me! So I bought the Your Magic Workshop as my last hope, spurred on by Moyou's YouTube tutorial for Cath Kidston style nails.

Here is the mat in use (on top of the paint-stained art box I normally use)...

The mat seems to be made of silicon and has mapped-out areas for polish mixing and nail outlines to help get your decals right. In the photo I've painted a clear polish onto the mat, left it a short while, stamped my designs on top and used a nail art brush (I bought a whole set from Poundland, you don't need to splash out) to paint on the floral details as shown in the YouTube tutorial. After this photo I used tweezers to lift the decals from the mat and stick them onto my nails. I used a mixture of the tweezers, a wooden cuticle stick and cotton buds soaked in remover to neaten my nails. Top coat finished my mani.

So far I've done two manicures using the mat and this technique. Here they are!

I am super-happy to have achieved these manis at this stage, since they're really only a practise. They're not perfect but I can now easily see what the issues are - I needed to use a proper white stamping polish for the Cath Kidston nails so they were more opaque, and I need to experiment with clear nail polishes to see which ones work best.

I've already got ideas for two new manicures and am currently trying to decide which to do first! This stamping mat will keep me busy for a while, I can see it ^_^


Lisa xx

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Reverse Chrome Manicure


Following on from my previous comeback post I did a new manicure in the "reverse French" style, using tip guide stickers to create that curve of colour at the base of the nail! This time I used my Models Own Colour Chromes for a futuristic look.

I painted my nails with the following polishes: Chrome Red, Chrome Olive, Chrome Turquoise, Chrome Pink and Chrome Grey. I then stuck my tip guides at the base of my nails and painted a layer of black on top.

This mani gives me unintentional Star Trek uniform vibes, and I adore Star Trek! The Colour Chromes are quite possibly my favourite Models Own collection and I just want to keep thinking up new ways to use them.


Lisa xx

Thursday, 25 February 2016

A Touch of Glitter and a Diary!


First of all, apologies for my absence! My blog has been quiet for a month but today I have a new manicure to show you and a little diary entry for anyone who might like to read it and find out a little more about me :-)

I have talked about this on the blog before but I suffer from depression with related physical and mental health issues. I've been unwell for going on 15 years now, since I was quite young! It's severe enough to be classed as a disability and has a huge impact on what I'm able to do day-to-day. Nail art is a great hobby which makes me feel a tiny bit fulfilled (and cheered up when I have pretty designs on my nails to look at and wonderfully lovely comments from readers). However, I do have periods of time where I'm not up to doing my hobby so much and I can't always predict when or how long those periods might be. Most of the time I can still manage to post on Instagram fairly frequently but I just had a week of wearing the same chipping nail polish and wasn't up to doing anything about it!

Fortunately I'm feeling a little better now so last night I cut and filed my nails to a nice new length (they were dry and damaged from that week of not looking after them), then I got out two of my absolute favourite polishes for a fresh mani! Blueberry Muffin by Models Own is the most gorgeous pale blue and Noel Street by Nails Inc is an amazing foil-like silver glitter. I allowed two coats of Blueberry Muffin to fully dry then used French tip guide stickers to add a sort of reverse French curve of glitter to the base of my nails.

The mani is a recreation of one I did a year ago, which I posted as a throwback on my Instagram while I was getting ready to sort my nails out. Here is the original, in pink:

I'm really fond of this idea and I hope you are too! With luck I'll be able to continue with blogging and painting my nails now ~ I still have some wonderful Born Pretty Store goodies to show you and I really will have to apologise to my BPS rep for such an awful delay.

Hope to be back soon!


Lisa xx

Monday, 18 January 2016

January Nail Art Challenge: Forest Creatures


I'm taking part in clairestelle8's January Nail Art Challenge, and the theme for the 17th was Forest Creatures! Luckily for Christmas I received MoYou's Enchanted 01 stamping plate, which features a whole host of forest creatures in gorgeous leafy designs.

I chose Facets of Fuchsia by Revlon as my base polish for a deep, mysterious twinkle. I decided my forest creatures would be a curious bear and majestic owl, so I painted Konad White and Models Own Chrome Green onto the stamping plate for a contrast between the animal and the surrounding leafy design. I stamped more Chrome Green leaves onto my index and pinky nails as a border for my animals!

The next theme in the challenge is Clocks. It's maddening because I have a specific stamping image I want to use, but I can't find the plate and I think it's stuck down the side of some furniture somewhere. Oh noooooo.


Lisa xx