Saturday, 7 April 2018

Charlies Nail Art Goodies!


It's been so long since I last posted! I have been doing manicures and posting them on Instagram as and when I've been capable, but it's a struggle as my health is up and down. What's great is that I'm still a brand ambassador for Charlies Nail Art, which makes me so proud. Charlie knows I'm not well and is very supportive and encouraging - as well as providing me with amazing orders and review packs ^_^ So here is a bundle post with some of the goodies I've been using! I'm going to include links because you can get 15% off everything when you use my coupon code, GNAF15.

1. Black Cat Nail Stickers

I love cats so these stickers were perfect for me! I received compliments about them, especially about the cats' silver collars. I was happily surprised that they were fine, flexible and stayed stuck down on the nail - some nail stickers don't.

2. White Tiger Nail Art Wraps

These wraps are full-nail water decals and I love Charlie's selection. The colours on this design are amazing and, like all of Charlie's wraps, they apply great, not requiring a base colour.

3. Butterfly Garden Nail Wraps

Something I really like to do is to cut nail wraps into French tips for a patterned, unique French manicure. I loved the vibrancy of these butterfly decals ^_^

4. Fine Nail Art Glitter

I was just told tonight that I'm nicknamed the Charlies Nail Art "glitter ambassador", because I love and use their glitters so much!! This mani is a gradient of two fine glitters, Silver and Rose Pink. It was very easy to do: I painted my nail with base coat, dipped the tip into the pink, then, once the tip was covered, I dipped my whole nail into the silver.

5. Rhombus Nail Glitter

This is a softer manicure with ethereal purple rhombus glitter. To place the glitter, I took a cuticle stick and just touched my wet base coat brush with the pointed tip. It picked up the individual pieces easily!

6. 3D Nail Art Flower Charms

I paired this delicate peach flower with peach floral stamping, using plate MoYou Pro 07, over a dark grey. I added some rhinestones as extra accents!

7. Blizzard and Pixie Dust Glitter Mixes

This is one of my favourite manicures I've ever done. Using the technique I described with the fine glitter gradient above, I made an icy mix to match the icy weather. Both Blizzard and Pixie Dust are beautiful glitter mixes on their own, but I adore them together.

That's a few of them! Do you have a favourite? Let me know ^_^


Lisa xx


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