Sunday, 29 March 2015

Feather & Glitter Manicure


Happy Sunday! I've been so so tired so haven't been up to anything, but I did manage to paint my nails!

A while ago I bought a bunch of feather water decals from Born Pretty Store. I fancied quite a light, airy manicure so I painted one coat of sheer French polish, one coat of Bourjois' pink holo sprinkle glitter (still good 3.5 years after I bought it!) and applied my feathers.

This feels like a nice, refreshing "palate cleanser" manicure! It's very pleasant to look at while I'm typing on my laptop ^_^


Lisa xx

Saturday, 28 March 2015

MoYou Bookworm Contest!


This week MoYou have been running a nail art contest to win some of their upcoming stamping plates. The theme is literature and they listed 9 book titles to serve as inspiration for entrants' manicures. Now, I'm never going to win a nail art contest because I lack the incredible talent that other polishers have in skilled techniques like freehand art - but I certainly wanted to have a go!

The book I chose as my inspiration is Romeo and Juliet, and I decided to use all MoYou stamping plates over various coloured clingfilm (Saran wrap) manicures.

For my pinky and ring fingernails I stamped silhouettes of Romeo and Juliet over a shifting pink base with red and white roses. On my middle nail I stamped the script over a parchment effect. And on my index fingernail I stamped a dagger cross over mottled black and blood red, symbolising the story's fateful end!

The contest is a really good idea and I enjoyed pushing myself with my entry, even if it doesn't win! Good luck to all entering ^_^


Lisa xx

Thursday, 26 March 2015

The Barry M Blues!


As promised, here I am with another up-to-date post! This shows the manicure I have on now: a simple skittle using a selection of Barry M blues which all happen to have "berry" in their names!

Index ~ Huckleberry
Middle ~ Elderberry
Ring ~ Blueberry
Pinky ~ Blackberry
Thumb (not shown) ~ Matte White


Lisa xx

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A Sprinkle of Manicures!


I feel like I haven't blogged properly in ages! A lot of this is down to illness but I do want to get back to writing. I've just hit 2000 followers on Instagram which I'm indescribably proud of - posting my manicures on there is quick and easy, but it's lovely to do a proper blog post to accompany the quick pics.

So, for this comeback post I've decided to show you a few of my recent manicures! Here we go...

This is my current manicure! It's Snowfall by Sonnetarium, a gorgeous indie glitter. I dry-sponged it onto my nails over a sheer base for a glittery alternative to French tips. I also used a peel-off base coat so it won't be a nightmare to remove!

This is a textured stamping manicure! I have a couple of Nails Inc's Leather Effect polishes which I bought on sale from TKMaxx, and for this mani I stamped a floral pattern from MoYou's Pro 07 plate straight onto the texture for a vintage pastel look.

This mani means a lot to me because it uses a polish sent to me as a gift by the lovely, talented Translucent Mermaid! Check out her nails on Instagram (this sky nail art is my favourite). The polish is Rose Givré by Eye Care Cosmetics and I wore it over Barry M Indigo for an ethereal ocean look.

This is something a little different to my normal style that I tried. I used striping tape to paint a neat black line down my nails and then I topped it with my most ostentatious polish purchase ever, Man With The Golden Gun by OPI. I really need to get more use out of it!

I hope you like my manis and I'll be sure to be back soon!


Lisa xx

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Geordie Nails' Models Own Top 5


The story behind this post is that I was sat in bed trying to think of my favourite nail polishes of the moment, and a disproportionate number of them were Models Own. So I decided to do a little Top 5 round-up! This post is very much delayed because of illness, but here it is at last ^_^

#1. Blueberry Muffin

Blueberry Muffin is number one on my list and it is also my favourite nail polish ever. It's from the scented Fruit Pastels range and it is the palest, prettiest, most delicate shade of blue one could hope for. It's my dream colour! As a bonus the polish carries a pleasant, natural blueberry fragrance.

#2. Chrome Pink

This pink is from the Colour Chromes range. I bought four of them when they came out recently and this is my favourite of the lot (though not far in front of Chrome Blue!). It's a cool metallic polish with a lovely pale colour and minimal streaking. I chose it as my number two because it's great both worn on its own and to use as a stamping polish.

#3. Southern Lights

Southern Lights is a light purple glitter with lots of rich holographic sparkle. This polish is on my list because it is just stunning! It's so unique and magical - and all the more so because it's made by a UK drugstore brand like Models Own. It comes from the Wonderland range and has a pink version called Northern Lights which is equally amazing.

#4. Bubblegum

Bubblegum is an Ice Neon polish, a bold, popping pink. I have several from this range and I've chosen this one as my favourite, but all of Models Own's neons are so bright they're practically their own light source. It's very hard to capture this in a photo - please take my word on how attention-grabbingly gorgeous they are!

#5. Duck Blue

And finally, we have Duck Blue from the Speckled Eggs range! Speckly black glitter nestled in blue polish, I love this for just how special and a bit different it is. Also, the formula is really nice to paint with!

I hope this post is useful and/or tempts you into buying more polish, muahaha! Do you have a favourite polish? Do you disagree with my Top 5?

All polishes were bought and loved by me ^_^


Lisa xx

Monday, 2 March 2015

Born Pretty Stamping Plate BP40 ~ Classic Zipper Patterns

This post contains products which were sent to me for review :-)


Today I have just finished trying out stamping plate BP40 from Born Pretty Store's own range. This plate has a nice range of patterns including a rose, ribbon, corset and zipper. All the designs are really well sized and stamp solidly.

I did two manicures using the plate to show you! On the left are the corset and zipper designs stamped in black over nude ~ this reminded me of 50 Shades of Grey since the film's out right now, even though I'm not a fan of the franchise myself! On the right is the rose design, stamped over black in two tones using my Models Own Colour Chromes.

My favourite is the rose but I was also very impressed by how well the zipper stamped ^_^

As always you can get 10% off your Born Pretty order using my coupon code, CMBQ10


Lisa xx