Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A Sprinkle of Manicures!


I feel like I haven't blogged properly in ages! A lot of this is down to illness but I do want to get back to writing. I've just hit 2000 followers on Instagram which I'm indescribably proud of - posting my manicures on there is quick and easy, but it's lovely to do a proper blog post to accompany the quick pics.

So, for this comeback post I've decided to show you a few of my recent manicures! Here we go...

This is my current manicure! It's Snowfall by Sonnetarium, a gorgeous indie glitter. I dry-sponged it onto my nails over a sheer base for a glittery alternative to French tips. I also used a peel-off base coat so it won't be a nightmare to remove!

This is a textured stamping manicure! I have a couple of Nails Inc's Leather Effect polishes which I bought on sale from TKMaxx, and for this mani I stamped a floral pattern from MoYou's Pro 07 plate straight onto the texture for a vintage pastel look.

This mani means a lot to me because it uses a polish sent to me as a gift by the lovely, talented Translucent Mermaid! Check out her nails on Instagram (this sky nail art is my favourite). The polish is Rose Givré by Eye Care Cosmetics and I wore it over Barry M Indigo for an ethereal ocean look.

This is something a little different to my normal style that I tried. I used striping tape to paint a neat black line down my nails and then I topped it with my most ostentatious polish purchase ever, Man With The Golden Gun by OPI. I really need to get more use out of it!

I hope you like my manis and I'll be sure to be back soon!


Lisa xx


  1. The first and last manicures are my favorite - they are both just stunning!

    1. Thank you so much! The first mani reminded me how pretty that glitter is - it had been stuck on my shelf for a while! xx


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