Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sparkly Heart Bracelets!


This is a quick break from my polishy posting to show off the bracelets I got from the website I work for! They are Shamballa heart bracelets in pink, blue, clear and purple and they are prettyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Regular readers will hopefully know that I only big up products that I genuinely love. I bought these bracelets myself out of my paycheque and, aside from being sparkly and beautiful, they remind me of my journey through recovering from depression.

They are on sale right here :-)

In polishy news, I have again been a naughty LisLis. I got the two Models Own polishes free with More magazine at the moment and am currently wearing Nude Beige (one coat!!) with an extremely glittery topping! Pics to come!


Lisa xx

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Barry M ~ Ruby Glitter


First of all, some good news regarding my Sally's saga! The back story is that I ordered 7 polishes from them; they could only send 1 yet charged me the same shipping. Yesterday I received an email containing a very profuse apology and promising an immediate refund of my £4.75 shipping. I'm more than happy with that. Phew!

Now, onto today's polish! Barry M's new Ruby Glitter. I really shouldn't have bought it, but couldn't resist the combination of mysterious red sparkle and a 3 for 2 offer. Naughty LisLis.

Ruby Glitter contains larger borderline red/pink hex glitter and smaller black glitters. I chose to layer 2 coats over a deep plum, Nails Inc.'s Victoria. Here it is with top coat:

It's pretty!!!

I think a plum colour is really the perfect base for Ruby Glitter, but I would like to try it over a lighter colour to see the black glitter a bit more. It is really cool though, reminds me of cranberries with all the Thanksgiving talk going on!


Lisa xx

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Boots 17 ~ Wishing Star


Today I have for you Wishing Star by 17. It's a new release and is labelled as a 'Dazzle The Night' polish. It costs £2.99 but Boots have a 'Buy 1, Get 1 Half Price' deal on cosmetics right now so I chose this along with a Models Own glitter which I am also excited to try!

I have lots of photos of Wishing Star because it changes in the light and it is GORGEOUS. It's champagne! It's green! It's lilac! It's foily! It's sparkly! It's vintage! It's party!

Heehee ^_^ I do rather like this polish. Shown below are 3 coats of Wishing Star in various lights.

Did I mention I love this polish?

Wishing Star looks like it would be incredible as a layering polish as well, so I will be trying it out over some colours soon!


Lisa xx

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

YRNails Water Decals


This post is showcasing a couple of the water decals I bought from YRNails with my very first paycheque! It's a UK site and has lovely unique decals for £1 each, which seemed like the perfect way to treat myself despite my scary overdraft ^_^

This first mani is using my Lace Heart decals on accent nails - smaller ones on my ring fingers and larger ones on my thumbs. Lovelovelovelovelove...

And the mani I'm wearing right now features my Eiffel Tower decals on all nails! The base polish is 'Without A Stitch' by Sally Hansen which I bought today from my trusty market stall - I'd say it is a delicate latte colour and it is very chic! Voici mes ongles français...

Ohhhhhh la la!


Lisa xx

P.S. Sad-face update: I ended up filing a Paypal claim for my Shrieked water decals, which was upheld and Paypal refunded my money! As for Sally's, I have emailed their customer services twice now with no response.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Lisa's Happy-Face First Payday Post

Hello and welcome to the Happy-Face post!

Well, after three weeks of settling in and being very happy at my new job, I received my first paycheque on Thursday! I am so proud; I keep thinking about how far I've come and how much I've struggled to get to this point. I am still working very hard to stay mentally well and am trying to improve my life in tiny little steps; fingers crossed!

Mostly I need my wages to get me out of my scarily big overdraft, but I have allowed myself some treats! I ordered some water decals from YR Nails which I cannot wait to receive, and today I bought 5 lovely nail polishes. Superdrug has a 3 for 2 sale on all cosmetics right now (the cashier told me and I was like, *backs away from till and dashes to the make-up section*!), so I bought Barry M's Blackberry, Accessorize's Ladybird and Collection's Love Jewel. Then on my fave market stall I found two promising Sally Hansens for £1.99 each - Spectrum looks like a green-blue mermaid shimmer with a flash of purple, and Crinoline looks like Lavender Cloud except with a pink tint instead. I cannot wait to try them out but Ladybird might be first on my list!

Also with my wages I bought an alumnus membership to my university library (£20 for a year, so good!) so I can do the reading I couldn't do at uni when I was depressed. Language truly is my passion and I definitely want to learn more.

Aaaaaaand, I got some new clothes for an incredible price from Primark! I may show you them in another post, highlights are a loose pink knitted cardi and a navy blue polka-dotted dress that I feel really pretty in ^_^

Oh, and finally I got some jewellery from the site I work for that I have yet to pick up. I will definitely be showing you those as I'm very proud to associated with such nice jewellery!!!

I hope you enjoyed my happy-face post and hope also that it made up for the sad-face one!


Lisa xx

Lisa's Sad-Face Online Seller Post


This is a strange post for me to make as I'm usually very positive and enthusiastic about all the lovely nail treasures I've found. However, I've had a run of bad luck recently and wanted to share two bad online experiences I'm having. But I will be posting a Happy-Face post after this one because a lot of good things have happened to me recently too!


Firstly, Shrieked. After noticing shares and pins of photos featuring their beautiful water decals, I found their Big Cartel store and purchased a set of Swooping Birds decals. That was on 12/10/12. I never received my decals and have not had a word of communication from Shrieked; nor have Big Cartel, who have contacted them twice on my behalf. I have now submitted a Paypal claim which will hopefully get me my product or my money back. So a word of warning to watch out for Shrieked.


Secondly, Sally's. I know a lot of others got caught up in this too! They had a crazy-good deal with China Glazes priced at £1.30 and on 3 for 2! I bought 6 China Glazes and a bottle of Gelous, which all would have cost me £15 with shipping. Instead they massively messed up and ran out of the China Glaze so, without asking me, they just sent the Gelous and charged me over £10 for that and shipping - a price I never, ever would have paid for one bottle of polish! I emailed them 5 days ago asking politely for the shipping to be refunded, and I have yet to receive a response.

I think Sally's have really messed up here and shown themselves to be such a bad business. To a) sell to both retail and trade, and b) to put on crazy deals without having a live stock updating system is unthinkable really. But the terrible customer service is what makes it the worst!


So, this is my Sad-Face post. Of course if anything changes I will update the blog (and clear the sellers' names if they come up with an amazing excuse for having messed me around!). Now enough negativity and onto the Happy-Face post!

See you in a minute,

Lisa xx