Sunday, 4 November 2012

Lisa's Sad-Face Online Seller Post


This is a strange post for me to make as I'm usually very positive and enthusiastic about all the lovely nail treasures I've found. However, I've had a run of bad luck recently and wanted to share two bad online experiences I'm having. But I will be posting a Happy-Face post after this one because a lot of good things have happened to me recently too!


Firstly, Shrieked. After noticing shares and pins of photos featuring their beautiful water decals, I found their Big Cartel store and purchased a set of Swooping Birds decals. That was on 12/10/12. I never received my decals and have not had a word of communication from Shrieked; nor have Big Cartel, who have contacted them twice on my behalf. I have now submitted a Paypal claim which will hopefully get me my product or my money back. So a word of warning to watch out for Shrieked.


Secondly, Sally's. I know a lot of others got caught up in this too! They had a crazy-good deal with China Glazes priced at £1.30 and on 3 for 2! I bought 6 China Glazes and a bottle of Gelous, which all would have cost me £15 with shipping. Instead they massively messed up and ran out of the China Glaze so, without asking me, they just sent the Gelous and charged me over £10 for that and shipping - a price I never, ever would have paid for one bottle of polish! I emailed them 5 days ago asking politely for the shipping to be refunded, and I have yet to receive a response.

I think Sally's have really messed up here and shown themselves to be such a bad business. To a) sell to both retail and trade, and b) to put on crazy deals without having a live stock updating system is unthinkable really. But the terrible customer service is what makes it the worst!


So, this is my Sad-Face post. Of course if anything changes I will update the blog (and clear the sellers' names if they come up with an amazing excuse for having messed me around!). Now enough negativity and onto the Happy-Face post!

See you in a minute,

Lisa xx


  1. I had an issue with Sally online this year. They had the 342 offer on online but every time I tried to go to checkout it didn't do the manual allowance. I kept trying to call the helpline and 3 days later when I finally had someone answer the phone the woman on the other end said that whatever the offer had been it ended on the Sunday (the day before) anyway so there wasn't anything she could do. Arg. I've stuck to the store branches now rather than the net.

  2. Aw that's awful :( hope you get it sorted out soon!


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