Wednesday, 14 November 2012

YRNails Water Decals


This post is showcasing a couple of the water decals I bought from YRNails with my very first paycheque! It's a UK site and has lovely unique decals for £1 each, which seemed like the perfect way to treat myself despite my scary overdraft ^_^

This first mani is using my Lace Heart decals on accent nails - smaller ones on my ring fingers and larger ones on my thumbs. Lovelovelovelovelove...

And the mani I'm wearing right now features my Eiffel Tower decals on all nails! The base polish is 'Without A Stitch' by Sally Hansen which I bought today from my trusty market stall - I'd say it is a delicate latte colour and it is very chic! Voici mes ongles français...

Ohhhhhh la la!


Lisa xx

P.S. Sad-face update: I ended up filing a Paypal claim for my Shrieked water decals, which was upheld and Paypal refunded my money! As for Sally's, I have emailed their customer services twice now with no response.


  1. They're lovely, really simple. I love the Eiffel Tower ones.

  2. I love these on the light coloured nails :) The hearts are particularly gorgeous.

  3. I love these mani's!
    Glad PayPal refunded you! Hope sallys do the same!


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