Thursday, 22 November 2012

Barry M ~ Ruby Glitter


First of all, some good news regarding my Sally's saga! The back story is that I ordered 7 polishes from them; they could only send 1 yet charged me the same shipping. Yesterday I received an email containing a very profuse apology and promising an immediate refund of my £4.75 shipping. I'm more than happy with that. Phew!

Now, onto today's polish! Barry M's new Ruby Glitter. I really shouldn't have bought it, but couldn't resist the combination of mysterious red sparkle and a 3 for 2 offer. Naughty LisLis.

Ruby Glitter contains larger borderline red/pink hex glitter and smaller black glitters. I chose to layer 2 coats over a deep plum, Nails Inc.'s Victoria. Here it is with top coat:

It's pretty!!!

I think a plum colour is really the perfect base for Ruby Glitter, but I would like to try it over a lighter colour to see the black glitter a bit more. It is really cool though, reminds me of cranberries with all the Thanksgiving talk going on!


Lisa xx


  1. That polish is lovely! Glad Sallys sorted your problem out finally! :)

  2. I need this! Superdrug and Boots didn't have it when I went to get it so hope I'm luckier online. Nice swatch, I've only seen it on white before but this looks better.

  3. OMG raspberry jam - I've got to get this too :)


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