Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sparkly Heart Bracelets!


This is a quick break from my polishy posting to show off the bracelets I got from the website I work for! They are Shamballa heart bracelets in pink, blue, clear and purple and they are prettyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Regular readers will hopefully know that I only big up products that I genuinely love. I bought these bracelets myself out of my paycheque and, aside from being sparkly and beautiful, they remind me of my journey through recovering from depression.

They are on sale right here :-)

In polishy news, I have again been a naughty LisLis. I got the two Models Own polishes free with More magazine at the moment and am currently wearing Nude Beige (one coat!!) with an extremely glittery topping! Pics to come!


Lisa xx

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  1. So pretty and YAY to kicking depression's ass. You know I can so relate to that struggle. xo


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