Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Moonlight Leaves Manicure


Firstly, can I please ask my readers a question? Does it make a difference to you whether a blogger posts to a schedule or just writes whenever inspiration strikes them? Would Geordie Nails be more readable if I posted at the same time, say, every Wednesday and Sunday (with maybe a bonus post sometimes)? If you could let me know in a comment that'd be brilliant! xx

Onto the manicure, which continues my run of autumnal nails! I bought a sheet of silver leaves nail foil from Charlies Nail Art and applied it over Barry M Indigo...

I really liked the colours on this ^_^ I think I need a new nail foil glue because it didn't stick properly in parts - luckily it maybe even helped the mani because it added a bit of authenticity to the leaves!!!


Lisa xx

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Geordie Nails Autumn Week ~ Sparkling Golds


I've been posting photos of my Autumn-inspiring nail polishes all week both on the blog and on Instagram! I haven't quite written about them all here due to tiredness but today I have two manicures to show featuring sparkling autumnal golds.

The first polish is a Limited Edition Barry M for Superdrug! I can't find its name but it must have been released either last Autumn or the one before. It is a bar glitter featuring shades of gold and copper; I don't normally buy bar glitter but this one reminds me of fireworks and fallen leaves simultaneously and it's just perfect for the season. Here is one coat over the deep wine shade Victoria by Nails Inc, also a perfect autumnal polish:

The second polish is a textured glitter by Seventeen at Boots, called Charm Bracelet. It has a vintage feel to it - champagne gold with darker glitter pieces thrown in - and it's absolutely gorgeous in my eyes:

What do you think of my choices?!

I've now got some Autumn nail art in mind so hopefully I'll be back soon with piccies!


Lisa xx

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Geordie Nail Autumn Week ~ Cloudy Skies!


This latest polish for my Autumn week of manicures is called Cloudy Skies, by an indie maker called The Polish Bar. I bought it from a blog sale a couple of years ago. I don't own a lot of indies (I'm not involved enough in the scene to know who's best to buy from), so this polish stands out in my collection as being lovely and unique.

Cloudy Skies consists of very fine purple glitter and larger pieces of purple and silver glitter, all suspended in a grey crelly base. It's qualified for my Autumn Week because it so beautifully represents its name - it must be difficult to make the idea of cloudy skies gorgeous, but The Polish Bar managed it for me! Here are 3 coats:

I love it ^_^ It makes me tempted to go indie shopping despite my ignorance! Does anyone have a favourite indie (especially UK makers)?


Lisa xx

Friday, 18 September 2015

Geordie Nails Autumn Week ~ Hidden Treasure & Spiced Plum


This is the second post for my Autumn Week of manicures. As luck would have it I was ill all of yesterday so couldn't get any painting or blogging done, but here I am!

This manicure consists of two old favourite polishes and I'd forgotten just how much I love them, especially together! I first wore this mani four years ago. Spiced Plum is by Seventeen at Boots and it's a glossy, brown-leaning purple. I think the years have turned the shade slightly more brown, but it's still wearable. Hidden Treasure is a flakie glitter by Sally Hansen; I seem to remember it being the polish of the moment at one time!

Here is a close-up of that flakie goodness...

...and here is Spiced Plum on its own:

Hopefully I'll be well enough to keep the Autumn manicures coming!


Lisa xx

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Geordie Nails Autumn Week ~ Facets of Fuschia


Since the seasons are most definitely changing, I decided to have a hunt through my very dusty nail polish collection and pick out some favourites for an Autumn Week! These are polishes I've worn during the cooler months in years past and which evoke the season very fondly (and prettily) for me.

My first pick was Facets of Fuschia by Revlon and it's proven to be a very fitting one in terms of evoking memories! I checked my blog archive and it turns out I first wore it when announcing my engagement, four whole years ago. The relationship didn't last but it's not a sour memory at all; I look back on it with fondness (though not at my dark and blurry photos of the polish!).

Facets of Fuschia is still tricky to photograph; it consists of two different sizes of fuschia glitter suspended in a sheer black base to give the polish depth. I painted one coat over a dark navy base, Navy Baby by Sally Hansen, and added extra top coat for even more depth and sparkle:

Does anyone else own Facets of Fuschia? I remember there being a big craze over it when it launched 4 years ago!

Giveaway Update: One of my winners has already responded (I only emailed them last night) and will be sent her MoYou Hand Tattoos! I'll keep you updated.


Lisa xx

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

4 Year Blogiversary Giveaway - THE RESULTS!


From the 21st of August to the 10th of September I held a giveaway to celebrate 4 years of nail blogging! The prizes are a £10 MoYou gift card with two runners-up receiving a pack of MoYou Hand Tattoos each. The giveaway received 854 entries and I'd like to say thank you again to everyone who entered and to anyone else who reads my blog and views my Instagram.

So now, onto choosing the winners! To do this I will be using Rafflecopter to randomly select first the Grand Prize winner, then the two runners-up. And the Grand Prize winner is...

Rosana!!! Rosana wins a £10 MoYou gift card to spend on whatever she likes from moyou.co.uk

And the two runners-up are..

Natàlia and Joey!!! They both each win a pack of MoYou London Hand Tattoos.

Here is the updated Rafflecopter Widget...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

While writing up this post I've emailed all 3 winners to let them know. I've left off surnames and email addresses from the screen captures above but have verified all their entries ^_^

Congratulations to my winners, I hope you love your prizes. I'll keep everyone updated on the blog to let you all know if the prizegiving's gone smoothly.

Thanks so much for your support as readers over the past 4 years; I already have more ideas for the next week of manicures to keep the blog going strong!


Lisa xx

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Giveaway Update!


It's official - my 4 Year Blogiversary Giveaway is now closed! Thank you SO much to everyone who entered, and a massive good luck. Someone will win a £10 MoYou London gift card and two others will each win a pack of MoYou's new Hand Tattoos.

As I've mentioned my health took a hit during the giveaway so, if it's OK, I'd like to take a few days (hopefully less!) to get my bearings before choosing the winners. That way I'll be ready to properly announce everything, speedily reply to emails and organise delivery of the prizes nice and smoothly like my readers deserve. I've heard giveaway horror stories where winners are messed around and I do not want to be one of them!!!

So I will be back soon, hopefully with good news for you!


Lisa xx

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files!

This post contains products which were sent to me for review :-)


Today I have some luxe glass nail files from Mont Bleu to show off and review for you! They are a Czech company who make special designer glassware, and part of that collection is a range of nail files featuring ombre colours and stunning Swarovski crystal adornments. The files are a pure, shaped piece of textured glass. I'd say the prices are more than reasonable given the quality - there are glass files as cheap as €4 in their online shop.

E-shop: www.design-glassware.com
Wholesale: www.montbleu.eu

So this is what I received in the post...

The close-up nail file is one of the aforementioned Swarovski designs, a gorgeous aqua ombre with blue-shaded crystals. The purple files are a trio set: the largest is now my main nail file, the middle is in my handbag, and the smallest will go in my coat pocket now that it's coat-wearing weather. The postcard is a view of Praha, or Prague, which I really appreciated as it's lovely to see where my parcel came from.

You can feel the luxe when using these files. The large purple file has a really pleasant weight to it, whilst the smaller ones are light and better to carry around with you. I used the large file over two weeks to maintain a nice squoval shape to my nails. Here are my nails after using it for the first time...

...and here is another manicure I did during my time testing the files...

I am really pleased! I don't know about you but I love the clean, linear nail shape I achieved. Normally I'm a cheapskate with my nail files, paying around £1-2 for drugstore value packs, and you can definitely tell the difference. I found there was much less 'ragging' on my nail edges than with my normal cheap files and, as I've already said, the file was pleasant to hold in my hands and use.

The purple trio set will be useful to me for a long time. The gem file is what makes Mont Bleu a site I would specifically go back to for glass files, because the aqua design I received is one of a collection of many colour and design combinations that they have featuring Swarovski crystals. I'm not fully decided but I think that this is the next file I would go for - a pink ombre with a smattering of pink crystals! Let me know if you have a look on the site!


Lisa xx

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Latte Manicure


For my last blog post I reviewed Brides To Be by Essie. I mentioned that I would be using it as a base for some stamping, so here I am to post it! Unfortunately a day or two ago I was struck with a migraine and I've been recovering from that, so the stamping is not good at all. It is still getting posted in the name of acknowledging nail fails ^_^

This is a latte art manicure using Brides To Be and MoYou stamping plate CookBook 04:

If you love this pattern despite my bad job of it, don't forget you can enter my 4 Year Blogiversary Giveaway for a chance of winning some MoYou goodies!


Lisa xx

P.S. If you've commented on my blog recently, thank you so much. I've been feeling overwhelmed with fatigue and illness but I have seen them and will try to reply. xx