Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Geordie Nails Autumn Week ~ Facets of Fuschia


Since the seasons are most definitely changing, I decided to have a hunt through my very dusty nail polish collection and pick out some favourites for an Autumn Week! These are polishes I've worn during the cooler months in years past and which evoke the season very fondly (and prettily) for me.

My first pick was Facets of Fuschia by Revlon and it's proven to be a very fitting one in terms of evoking memories! I checked my blog archive and it turns out I first wore it when announcing my engagement, four whole years ago. The relationship didn't last but it's not a sour memory at all; I look back on it with fondness (though not at my dark and blurry photos of the polish!).

Facets of Fuschia is still tricky to photograph; it consists of two different sizes of fuschia glitter suspended in a sheer black base to give the polish depth. I painted one coat over a dark navy base, Navy Baby by Sally Hansen, and added extra top coat for even more depth and sparkle:

Does anyone else own Facets of Fuschia? I remember there being a big craze over it when it launched 4 years ago!

Giveaway Update: One of my winners has already responded (I only emailed them last night) and will be sent her MoYou Hand Tattoos! I'll keep you updated.


Lisa xx


  1. Must have been a very autumn 2011 nail polish, I wore it when I got married in the November! Gorgeous polish <3

    1. Oh wow!!! What a special polish then, and how beautiful for a wedding <3 xx


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