Saturday, 19 September 2015

Geordie Nail Autumn Week ~ Cloudy Skies!


This latest polish for my Autumn week of manicures is called Cloudy Skies, by an indie maker called The Polish Bar. I bought it from a blog sale a couple of years ago. I don't own a lot of indies (I'm not involved enough in the scene to know who's best to buy from), so this polish stands out in my collection as being lovely and unique.

Cloudy Skies consists of very fine purple glitter and larger pieces of purple and silver glitter, all suspended in a grey crelly base. It's qualified for my Autumn Week because it so beautifully represents its name - it must be difficult to make the idea of cloudy skies gorgeous, but The Polish Bar managed it for me! Here are 3 coats:

I love it ^_^ It makes me tempted to go indie shopping despite my ignorance! Does anyone have a favourite indie (especially UK makers)?


Lisa xx


  1. I love our UK Indies :) I'm slowly working my way round all of them (funds permitting!) and I can thoroughly recommend Freckles Polish (my first indie, have ordered several times since), Danglefoot Nail Polish, Flash Nails, CM Handmade, kandy.color and Violet Rose Polish. Enjoy!

    1. Wow, thanks so much for the list!!! I'll go window shopping as soon as I'm able and I will let you know if I end up buying ^_^ xx

  2. I can't believe this ended up in a blogsale - it's amazing! I own a few indies. I really like the ones from Taras Talons and Dark Metal Lacquer from the UK and Ms Sparkle from Holland. My other indies are from Harlow and Co, Girly Bits and Rainbow Connection - I found these retailers not too bad for postage. Girly Bits polishes are beautiful and they stock the Ubermat - an absolute must for any nail polish addict. The reviews for the Ubermat were great but you have to actually use it to see how amazing it is!


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