Thursday, 24 September 2015

Geordie Nails Autumn Week ~ Sparkling Golds


I've been posting photos of my Autumn-inspiring nail polishes all week both on the blog and on Instagram! I haven't quite written about them all here due to tiredness but today I have two manicures to show featuring sparkling autumnal golds.

The first polish is a Limited Edition Barry M for Superdrug! I can't find its name but it must have been released either last Autumn or the one before. It is a bar glitter featuring shades of gold and copper; I don't normally buy bar glitter but this one reminds me of fireworks and fallen leaves simultaneously and it's just perfect for the season. Here is one coat over the deep wine shade Victoria by Nails Inc, also a perfect autumnal polish:

The second polish is a textured glitter by Seventeen at Boots, called Charm Bracelet. It has a vintage feel to it - champagne gold with darker glitter pieces thrown in - and it's absolutely gorgeous in my eyes:

What do you think of my choices?!

I've now got some Autumn nail art in mind so hopefully I'll be back soon with piccies!


Lisa xx

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