Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files!

This post contains products which were sent to me for review :-)


Today I have some luxe glass nail files from Mont Bleu to show off and review for you! They are a Czech company who make special designer glassware, and part of that collection is a range of nail files featuring ombre colours and stunning Swarovski crystal adornments. The files are a pure, shaped piece of textured glass. I'd say the prices are more than reasonable given the quality - there are glass files as cheap as €4 in their online shop.

E-shop: www.design-glassware.com
Wholesale: www.montbleu.eu

So this is what I received in the post...

The close-up nail file is one of the aforementioned Swarovski designs, a gorgeous aqua ombre with blue-shaded crystals. The purple files are a trio set: the largest is now my main nail file, the middle is in my handbag, and the smallest will go in my coat pocket now that it's coat-wearing weather. The postcard is a view of Praha, or Prague, which I really appreciated as it's lovely to see where my parcel came from.

You can feel the luxe when using these files. The large purple file has a really pleasant weight to it, whilst the smaller ones are light and better to carry around with you. I used the large file over two weeks to maintain a nice squoval shape to my nails. Here are my nails after using it for the first time...

...and here is another manicure I did during my time testing the files...

I am really pleased! I don't know about you but I love the clean, linear nail shape I achieved. Normally I'm a cheapskate with my nail files, paying around £1-2 for drugstore value packs, and you can definitely tell the difference. I found there was much less 'ragging' on my nail edges than with my normal cheap files and, as I've already said, the file was pleasant to hold in my hands and use.

The purple trio set will be useful to me for a long time. The gem file is what makes Mont Bleu a site I would specifically go back to for glass files, because the aqua design I received is one of a collection of many colour and design combinations that they have featuring Swarovski crystals. I'm not fully decided but I think that this is the next file I would go for - a pink ombre with a smattering of pink crystals! Let me know if you have a look on the site!


Lisa xx


  1. *love* glass nail files, definitely the best for your nails

  2. your nails are are looking awesome specially in red.I loved it.

  3. My Mont Bleu files are almost one year old and still amazing. They are a must-buy, especially at those prices.


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