Sunday, 4 November 2012

Lisa's Happy-Face First Payday Post

Hello and welcome to the Happy-Face post!

Well, after three weeks of settling in and being very happy at my new job, I received my first paycheque on Thursday! I am so proud; I keep thinking about how far I've come and how much I've struggled to get to this point. I am still working very hard to stay mentally well and am trying to improve my life in tiny little steps; fingers crossed!

Mostly I need my wages to get me out of my scarily big overdraft, but I have allowed myself some treats! I ordered some water decals from YR Nails which I cannot wait to receive, and today I bought 5 lovely nail polishes. Superdrug has a 3 for 2 sale on all cosmetics right now (the cashier told me and I was like, *backs away from till and dashes to the make-up section*!), so I bought Barry M's Blackberry, Accessorize's Ladybird and Collection's Love Jewel. Then on my fave market stall I found two promising Sally Hansens for £1.99 each - Spectrum looks like a green-blue mermaid shimmer with a flash of purple, and Crinoline looks like Lavender Cloud except with a pink tint instead. I cannot wait to try them out but Ladybird might be first on my list!

Also with my wages I bought an alumnus membership to my university library (£20 for a year, so good!) so I can do the reading I couldn't do at uni when I was depressed. Language truly is my passion and I definitely want to learn more.

Aaaaaaand, I got some new clothes for an incredible price from Primark! I may show you them in another post, highlights are a loose pink knitted cardi and a navy blue polka-dotted dress that I feel really pretty in ^_^

Oh, and finally I got some jewellery from the site I work for that I have yet to pick up. I will definitely be showing you those as I'm very proud to associated with such nice jewellery!!!

I hope you enjoyed my happy-face post and hope also that it made up for the sad-face one!


Lisa xx


  1. First pay day is always amazing! I remember being 21 and my first pay going on a PS2 because it would replace an old PS1 but also allow me to play DVDs (before nail polish addiction took over totally...)

    The Sally Hansen is amazing, it really comes to life over black, I have a few from the HD range, they remind me a lot of the Cult Nails and Ozotic icing type polishes that have come out.

  2. A warning with the Gelly Barry M. I love Barry M varnish but this stained my nails brown/orange even with 2 coates of base coat. :( Loved the colours on but am yet to find a base that doesn't let the stain through.

    1. After your base coat, wear one coat of a nude coloured polish! It doesn't alter the colour of your polish much, if at all, and doesn't stain your nails :) x

  3. Congratulations on earning your polishes! Bravo!

  4. I love those Gelly polishes@ and the Sally Hansen on the end is fab too, I've just blogged about one of them called 'Dorien Grey' :)


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