Saturday, 28 March 2015

MoYou Bookworm Contest!


This week MoYou have been running a nail art contest to win some of their upcoming stamping plates. The theme is literature and they listed 9 book titles to serve as inspiration for entrants' manicures. Now, I'm never going to win a nail art contest because I lack the incredible talent that other polishers have in skilled techniques like freehand art - but I certainly wanted to have a go!

The book I chose as my inspiration is Romeo and Juliet, and I decided to use all MoYou stamping plates over various coloured clingfilm (Saran wrap) manicures.

For my pinky and ring fingernails I stamped silhouettes of Romeo and Juliet over a shifting pink base with red and white roses. On my middle nail I stamped the script over a parchment effect. And on my index fingernail I stamped a dagger cross over mottled black and blood red, symbolising the story's fateful end!

The contest is a really good idea and I enjoyed pushing myself with my entry, even if it doesn't win! Good luck to all entering ^_^


Lisa xx

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