Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Blossom Manicure


Today's manicure is a revisit of this design I did a few months ago, inspired by a keepsake box I have which has silver fabric with a blue and pink cherry blossom print. This time I used my MoYou Pro 07 plate for stamping as this has quite a similar blossom pattern to the box. The polishes are the same though: Revlon's Metallic, Sally Hansen's The Sky's The Limit and Barry M's Grapefruit.

I'm considering asking for a couple of the new MoYou plates for Christmas as they really are beautiful and innovative, but I'm still a bit wary after my first order. People seem to be raving about the brand in stamping and polish groups, yet I know there have been a lot of order mixups and my Pro 07 plate is badly etched in places. I'd really like to hear more about other people's experiences so please do leave a comment if you have ordered from MoYou and tried your plate(s)!


Lisa xx

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  1. Gah, I just wrote a comment and then hit 'sign out' instead of 'publish' and it's disappeared! This was the gist of it:

    I really like how elegant and pretty this mani is! And as for MoYous-the ones I've tried have been so easy to use! I've found them much better than any other plates I've tried-I'm hooked!


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