Saturday, 8 November 2014

Tartan Manicure


The weather is getting colder and wetter here in England; Winter is definitely approaching! Today I'm wearing a season-appropriate manicure inspired by a red tartan design I saw in the Adventures in Stamping Facebook group ~ credit and thanks to Jacqui!

This mani uses two nail art techniques, clingfilm and stamping. I started by painting my nails red with Barry M Pomegranate. I then used the clingfilm technique to create a mottled green effect for an aged tartan feel with Revlon Emerald City, and smoothed it with a layer of top coat before moving onto the stamping. I own a plaid pattern on plate QA84 from Born Pretty Store, which I stamped on in black. Another layer of top coat finished it all off!

As I said, the weather has gone really dismal and it's been difficult to get a good photograph - but I hope you can see the effect I got with the clingfilm!


Lisa xx


  1. these are beautiful! I did tartan nails myself last night- blogging them later but I love yours!!!

  2. Ooh I can totally see the marble underneth the stamping! It really looks good, usually with just a single base its not as good but I really like this :D

  3. Haha I know that feeling. It's been really cold up here too!

    This looks really cool - I like it :-)


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