Saturday, 13 June 2015

Feather Manicure


During my last outing to Newcastle I popped into TK Maxx, and found a Ciaté Feather Manicure kit for £2.99! Since the RRP is £20.00 that is a bargain I could not say no to. The kit includes an envelope packed with different coloured feathers, nail scissors, a full-sized top coat, a mini nail polish, nail file blocks and instructions. Again, for £2.99!!!

My first attempt was not successful at all - I ended up with a mess of feathers whose colours didn't show properly over my choice of neon pink nail polish. But today I used them as two accent nails paired with another new polish purchase, the sheer Ballet Slippers by Essie, and got a better result!

I am a lot happier this time!

Once applied, the feathers lie nice and smooth on your nails - a few layers of top coat helps! And I'm sure the feathers would look even nicer if you had longer nails to show off more of the feather. As for the Essie polish, I love a French polish and this one is lovely and sweet.

I'm going to have to keep going into town if TK Maxx are stocking bargains like this!


Lisa xx

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