Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Green Halloween Skittles Manicure


We seem to begin celebrating Halloween earlier and earlier every year - I'm sure as a child in England we had the one day and that was it! Normally I don't dive into the premature celebrations, but I had an idea for a manicure and had to get it on my nails.

Barry M Meadow is supposed to be a Spring polish but I thought it looked just Frankenstein-y enough to act as a good base for this manicure! It also has a nice little shimmer to it. For the nail art I painted Illamasqua Swarm onto my ring finger, a black glitter mix which is a recent TKMaxx purchase of mine. On my middle finger I stamped a half-moon lace pattern from Born Pretty stamping plate 02. On my pinky finger I stamped a cross from MoYou stamping plate Gothic 06. From the same plate I stamped a little edging onto my index finger, which I topped with some shimmering black rhinestones from Charlies Nail Art.

This is the result!

I was quite pleased with this! I used to be a goth but nowadays it's quite unusual for me to wear this style. It was a little refreshing ^_^


Lisa xx


  1. I used to dress up in goth clothing too!!

    Love this look, slightly lolita goth.

    1. Yesssss! Hello fellow goth! And thanks so much for all the lovely comments, they're most appreciated ^_^ Lisa xxx


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