Thursday, 7 January 2016

Lisa's MoYou Christmas Presents!


I received lots of lovely nail goodies for Christmas, and amongst them were three MoYou stamping plates - Enchanted 01, Enchanted 13 and Hipster 02 - and a set of MoYou scrapers. Despite my blogging break I still had great fun trying them out, so here I am finally with three resulting manicures!

Enchanted 01 features forest animals and leafy florals. The detail is intricate and the animals are delightful! I started off with a polish I found in Poundland called Pink Sherbet; I was pleasantly surprised by how nice it turned out to be! I stamped on my designs of choice in Chrome Mauve by Models Own, and then I re-stamped the animals on top in black. My stamping wasn't perfect but I still thought the critters looked cute...

Enchanted 13 has intricate animal illustrations and leafy floral patterns in the same style as plate 01, but the theme is cats and dogs. I am a cat lover (specifically our family cat, Vienna) so naturally I wanted an all-kitty manicure! I also wanted to try out another Christmas present, Chrome Olive by Models Own, so I used that as my base and stamped the cats on in black. I ended up adoring both my presents - the polish had a gorgeous colour and finish, and the cats were beautifully detailed.

Hipster 02 is a fun plate with a variety of designs - the ones that drew me in most were the social media icons, fun little illustrations and a tartan pattern. I did this manicure to say "Happy New Year" on Instagram: a fun yet simple skittles of Models Own Colour Chromes (Chrome Red, Chrome Olive, Chrome Blue, Chrome Pink) topped with the Instagram icon!

I hope you like the results of my Christmas presents! I haven't stopped experimenting with them so I'm sure there'll be more manis to come ^_^


Lisa xx

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