Sunday, 9 April 2017

Charlies Nail Art ~ Glitter Mixes


As I've written about before I am a proud Brand Ambassador for Charlies Nail Art! Right now Charlie has some amazing glitters on the site, and I bought some of the special glitter mixes for myself. They're all 75p per pack and you can get an extra 15% off everything with my checkout code, GNAF15.

Today I'm showing you the Mermaid, Romance, Galaxy and Unicorn Glitter Mixes. I applied them all as glitter gradients, sponging clear polish onto my nail tips and dipping them in the mixes  ^_^

Mermaid Glitter Mix:

I adore the marine colours of this one. Stunning, sparkly, utterly beautiful.

Romance Glitter Mix:

I was NOT expecting how much I would love this glitter!! The mix is amazing and, applied over black, looks like smouldering embers. You can see the hearts and shards in the photo.

Galaxy Glitter Mix:

I've already shown you this but I wanted to put all the mixes in one post! This glitter has a lovely, ethereal purple tint to it with moons and stars to live up to its name.

Unicorn Glitter Mix:

What I would call the most subtle of the glitter mixes, this is a shimmering glitter with stars and special pieces mixed in. This could top any polish and look beautiful.

I really hope there are more Glitter Mixes launched in the future!


Lisa xx


  1. These glitters are all so pretty, I love using glitter in nail art and think the glitter tips look is lovely.
    Vicky x

  2. Great decent nail arts are presenting,using glitter it is looking more attractive .


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