Sunday, 8 July 2012

BM301 ~ Gradient


For today's post I tried out the gradient design on stamping plate BM301. I figured if it worked it would be a great "quick fix" gradient, less messy than sponging! For my base colour I used the purple Nails Inc that came free with InStyle magazine a little while back, and for the darker stamping colour I used No7's Violetta. Here is the result:

It is fab! Of course it's not the natural fade you would get with a sponge, but it looks great to me. I would try it again with a foil polish, as Violetta didn't have quite a strong enough pigment for such a solid design.


Lisa x


  1. Pretty, love the shade and this IP is awesome!

  2. Oh, very pretty! I love these two colors together and the gradient effect:)

  3. I love this gradient! And it is easy to do!


  4. Cute gradient effect, love the colours!


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