Saturday, 20 October 2012

Barry M ~ Orange Web Effect


For Halloween, Barry M have released a limited edition orange 'Web Effect' polish. From what I've heard it's the same formula as their Croc Effect, but nonetheless a cool idea. Recently they've had a promotion in Superdrug where you buy 2 Barry Ms and get a crackle/croc/web polish free, so I picked this up along with a Gelly and a Jewel :-)

I asked the lovely ladies in the 'A Brit of Nail Polish' Facebook group for advice on the best application, and I was told to apply it to touch dry polish with as thin a layer as possible, using the other side of the brush to brush off any excess. This worked and I got a good result, so thank you!! For my base polish I went for a very light pastel green, Absolutely Shore by Essie. Here is the result with top coat:

I wouldn't exactly call it a web, but it's still pretty cool! It does not suit my skin tone at all though, so I'm not sure if I will be wearing it long :-( Still, props to Barry M for all the great ideas they've been coming out with as of late.

Spooky hugs,

Lisa xx


  1. I love a bit of Barry M Croc effect, I think it's cool!

  2. It's so cool looking :) Love it!


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