Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Gosh ~ Holographic Hero

Holo ahoy!

Ever since Gosh released Holographic Hero I've been popping in and out of Superdrug looking for it with no joy... until last week, when I spotted one lone bottle and snapped it up! It's great to see a holo polish on the British high street!

The bottle cap states in great big letters that this polish is "one night wear for holographic lovers" so I wasn't expecting much mileage. In fact after 24 hours I only had a tiny chip on my index finger which was easily patched up. This morning, 2 days after applying it, I had a big chip of polish come off my thumb but I needed a new mani anyway. So I am pleasantly surprised by the wear time!

You can't wear top coat over Holographic Hero because it ruins the holo finish, so I tried a "sandwich" technique I'd heard from other polishers: I applied 2 coats of HH, one of top coat then a final coat of HH. Here's how it looked:

Yaaaaaaay, holo goodness! The silver linear holo is beautiful and I was a very happy Lisa ^_^

And here it is the day after, still perfect and still shimmering away:

I am so pleased I managed to get a bottle!


Lisa xx


  1. must remember sandwich recipe!

  2. Wonder how the 17 one compares :) I must remember the sandwich tip too, thanks!

  3. There weren't any when I went to buy a bottle of this :(

  4. it looks really nice. I managed to buy a bottle too but still didn't get to try it


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