Sunday, 27 January 2013

PVA Glue Base Coat!


I've been reading advice in nail polish groups that PVA glue is the solution to glitter nail polish removal hell - use it as a base coat, then when the time comes to remove your polish it just peels off. This seems like an absolutely fantastic idea so I am giving it a try! I like to change my polish often, and always hesitate to wear pretty glitters because I know that I'll have to go through the fuss of tin foil and scrubbing.

So, I bought my PVA glue for 99p from WH Smith. I happen to have some empty nail polish bottles from the time I naïvely thought I could franken with clear polish and craft glitter, so I decanted some of the glue into one of those. It paints onto the nail fine; it's just a bit thicker than base coat. After a false start I found out that 2 thin coats of glue give the best results, so go for that! I found that the glue takes 5-10min to dry and go clear on the nail.

Then, I applied my polish as normal! What I chose for this manicure is Nails Inc.'s Royal Arcade over a navy base colour. For good measure I applied 3 coats of Royal Arcade which makes for SUPER sparkle-packed nails. Here is the gorgeousness in a pic taken at my office today:


When the work day was almost over I couldn't resist trying to peel it off to see if the PVA glue had worked... and it had! The glitter came off in sheets with no fuss, no scraping, no scrubbing - brilliant! Here is the evidence:

So, I am overjoyed to have found a way to wear glitter nail polish without having to think of the arduous removal process when I inevitably want to change my manicure 2 days later - and now I am spreading the joy!


Lisa xx


  1. I love using PVA as a base, only down fall is it doesn't work over patches :( still amazing though!

  2. I've heard such great things about this technique! Makes me want to do a glitterbomb just so I can try it out ;)

  3. This is brill, will have to give it a try...removing glitters is too much effort at times!

  4. i have such base coat from essence and it's also amazing as this one. glitter i'm comming ;)


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