Friday, 14 December 2012

Tutorial ~ How to apply Full Nail Water Decals


I have been a bit brave and made a video! It shows how to apply fiddly-yet-beautiful full nail water decals. It was only filmed on my poor Samsung Galaxy Ace, but hopefully the commentary guides you through!

The decals in the tutorial can be bought at YR Nails for £1.50; I bought them and am a happy customer!

Hope it helps,

Lisa xx


  1. Hey can you post a picture of the finished effect? The tutorial is super awesome!

  2. I was super-stupid and removed the mani to experiment with another idea, but it's definitely a mani I will repeat so photo to come soon, sorry!!!


    ...however, here is another mani I did with Fairisle decals from the same site! xx

  4. Ah thanks for the video! I want to try some water decals! I just love the Geordie accent btw :D x


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