Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Stained Glass Manicure


First of all, just a little thank you for reading and for anyone who's commented when I post about my depression troubles - it does help when I'm feeling sad and uncertain about what's happening in "real life". Massive hugs xx

Today's manicure uses my first stamping plate purchase in quite a while! MoYou have released some new plates for Halloween and I just could not resist Gothic 05. Amongst its gorgeous designs is a stained glass window image, so I decided to take the leadlighting technique very literally and paint over it with some sheers!

My base polish is Barry M Pearl, my stamping polish is Konad Black and my sheers are OPI Y'All come Back, Ya Hear?, Nails Inc Strawberry and Barry M Greenberry. For the Barry M to be sheer I had to dilute it with some clear polish; unfortunately I didn't dilute it quite enough and it spoilt the mani slightly to my mind. However, since it's my first time trying this, I'll call it practise and happily learn for next time ^_^


Lisa xx

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