Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Cold Comforts Manicure


Today's mani was inspired by the steadily cooling, darkening days! I wanted to represent reading a book whilst sipping a Starbucks and wearing a woolly jumper, all on my nails. So I got out some of my MoYou stamping plates!

For the thumb I did a chalkboard coffee shop menu, stamping on the menu design from plate Cook Book 04 over black nail polish and using a matte top coat. For the index, middle and pinky nails I painted on a textured pink polish, Kingsland Road by Barry M, then used plate Fashionista 03 to add a knit pattern in silver (for a festive jumper!). And for the ring fingernail I stamped some text from plate Literature 01 over a cream colour. For a finishing touch I stamped a light coffee stain on top!

I'm sleeping a lot right now so it's hard for me to get out and take photos of my nails in the few hours of daylight that we have - I'm wearing a mani that's needed photographing for 2 days now! But I will be back on Friday with a post, I promise ^_^


Lisa xx

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