Monday, 2 November 2015

Tiger Butterfly Manicure


We are now in November! I don't mind the cooler weather but the shorter days are a pain as they mean less time and less light for me to photograph my nails outside - especially since I'm not feeling too well at the moment. Nevertheless, I have a mani to show you ^_^

I wanted a shade to suit the month but which would still provide some exciting sparkle, and the polish that came to mind was my mini bottle of OPI Jinx! It's a rich, deep orange/gold shimmer reminiscent of a sunset or Autumn leaves. On its own it's a textured polish, but I smoothed it out with top coat in order to use it as a base for some butterfly wing stamping. I used one of the designs on my MoYou Kitty 12 stamping plate and added pieces of white glitter to complete the wings.

Because of Jinx's colour it ended up looking a bit like tiger stripes, so I'm calling this my Tiger Butterfly manicure!

I just love how rich a shade Jinx is, it's really special.


Lisa xx

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