Saturday, 4 March 2017

Charlies Nail Art Ambassador!


I am proud and excited to let you know that I am now an Ambassador for Charlies Nail Art! Charlies is a UK site with a wide range of nail art goodies including decals, glitters, foils, stickers and wraps. Their prices are definitely on the bargain side. They ship worldwide but of course are especially great if you're British like me and want a speedy nail mail fix!

What does my being an ambassador mean? Basically it means you all get a 15% off discount code - GNAF15 - to use when you order. I will also be sent product samples to try out. This is in exchange for me spreading the good news of Charlies Nail Art via honest reviews of their nail art goodies, be it here on the blog or on my Instagram.

Why did I want to be an ambassador? I started out as a regular Charlies Nail Art customer and was always happy with my orders and proud to post the resulting manicures on Instagram. I also liked that I was supporting a UK site - I'm happy to shop worldwide but sometimes it's nice to shop "local"! A big plus is that I feel like I can be an ambassador and remain honest to you - Charlie's already told me that an honest review is good for her credibility, so that gives me a lot of confidence.

To start off with I've done a little collage of some of my Charlies Nail Art manicures, shown above! You can buy the products here:

Barbie Graffiti Water Decal Sheet - 99p -
Gold Nail Foil - 39p -
Nail Wraps - from 89p -
Silver Nail Studs - 89p -


Lisa xx


  1. Congrats and love your manis. It's also refreshing to hear a brand wants to have honest reviews about them, so many get petty and stop interacting with you, if you so much as fault any of their products.
    Vicky x

    1. Thank you, it's lovely to get your comments ^_^ Charlie is great to work with - and I started off as a paying customer so it's honest to say that I'm a genuine fan! Lisa xx


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