Monday, 6 March 2017

Charlies Nail Art ~ Rhinestones


I thought it would be nice to inaugurate myself as a Charlies Nail Art brand ambassador by doing a manicure using some of my purchases! Check out the new button on my sidebar featuring a 15% off code especially for you - GNAF15.

I also want to try writing full blog posts again in addition to posting manis on Instagram. As I've written about before, I have health problems which include depression and feeling very tired. This makes it rather difficult to blog consistently! That said, my hobby does cheer me up so it's worth making an effort for.

Back to the nails! I did a French manicure using lovely little pink and blue gems bought from Charlies Nail Art at 75p per pack. I also used a clear gem that I already had in my collection.

To achieve my French manicure I applied Maybelline Winter Baby using tip guide stickers for a neat shape, followed by a coat of Essie Mademoiselle. I used nail glue to add a sprinkle of the gems as accents...

I was super-pleased with how this turned out. Not meaning to boast, but this is possibly my neatest French mani to date!  And I think the gems added the perfect finishing touch ^_^

Hoping to write again soon...


Lisa xx

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  1. Love this mani, simple yet stunning! I'm such a fan of rhinestones, I need them all, so will def check out this website. Thanks for the code.
    Vicky xx


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