Friday, 4 May 2012

Gold patterned stamping over a subtle lilac gradient...


Today I have for you a gradient and stamping combo!  I'm really keen to experiment with gradients at the moment, and this is today's attempt.  I've been lazy and used photos from my phone rather than my camera but it turns out they're about the same quality, maybe even a tiny bit better ~ that's what you get for choosing the cheapest camera over good specs I suppose!

The two colours I chose to gradient were 17's Woo Me and Revlon's Cloud, both favourite polishes of mine.  The resulting blend looked good but was not as noticeable as I'd hoped, so I decided to add a design over it.  Here is the gradient pre-stamping:

And here is the completed mani, stamped using the sperm pattern (that's my name for it anyway!) on plate BM20 and Barry M's Gold Foil polish:

I am really happy with this one and can't stop looking down at my nails!  The result looks special but not OTT like some of my mani attempts!  The gradient is showing itself a little more now the Sun is out too ^_^


Lisa xx


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