Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Playing around with Gradients and Stamping!


So, for this post I am showing you my amateur forays into gradients and stamping ~ both of which I'm very enthusiastic to experiment with, for better and for worse, as I've seen the beautiful results on some talented ladies' blogs!

First I painted a base of Care to Danse?, then I painted my make-up sponge wedge with pastel pink, white and lilac and dabbed it on!  It gave an ice-creamy, marshmallowy, cloudy combination that I loved!  Though next time I will use a more opaque base colour :)

Then, taking some inspiring suggestions from the ladies at Polishaholics Anonymous, I got out my stamping plates and added green flora and silver butterflies:

Again, I just want to keep on and on experimenting with these techniques and finding more lovely inspiration ~ I am like a kid in a sweet shop really!


Lisa xx

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