Tuesday, 1 May 2012

My Mini-Makeover


Firstly, things have worked out very quickly giveaway-wise and the prizes (well-suffocated in bubble wrap) have been posted off to the winner already!!!  Happy days.

Today's post is not a nail post, but rather a Lisa-tried-to-put-on-makeup-again post.  I am being brave and showing a pic of myself, eek.

Basically I don't wear makeup.  Can't apply it, am insanely jealous of people who can.  The only period of my life I applied makeup was when I was a goth, a look which consisted mainly of clumsy colouring-in with eyeliner... and even that I couldn't do well.

So yesterday I went to Boots and Superdrug with a buying strategy of "whatever's cheap and looks about the right colour".  And then I went home and applied it.  And here is the result:


I would REALLY appreciate any makeup-applying tips from you lovely readers out there!  Especially how to accentuate my eyes and make them look wider while keeping to an overall natural or day look.  Oh, and if I were to choose a new hairstyle and colour, what might look good?

Sorry, I have the makeup age of a 9-year-old!


Lisa xx


  1. You could go for a brown eyeliner, that way it would define your eyes while keeping a more day time friendly look? If you have oilier eyelids, I'd try an eyeshadow primer :)

  2. Looks great, very natural! Your skin is amazing. Want to trade? ;) I go all ways. Sometimes I like to go all out and have fun with colors, sometimes I like to do the natural look, and more often than not anymore, I go barefaced, because it's so very nice to not have to take off your eye makeup at night. ;) I have no advice. lol.

  3. Ohhh I think this would be so fun to do a tutorial on! Would you be interested in working with me on that? Not a very detailed request haha but if you would like you can email me at xoxoalexisleightheblog@gmail.com I've been looking for inspiration on makeup tutorials and things and a natural look that makes your eyes look wider sounds super fun!


Thank you so much for reading! I love hearing from fellow polish addicts so comments are most appreciated. Just to let you know that I am unwell some of the time but will try my best to reply xx