Tuesday, 19 March 2013

31 Day Challenge ~ Stamping


Today's challenge is to do a stamping mani, which suits me as it's my favourite kind of nail art! And this time I had some odd inspiration in the shape of a box of Thornton's chocolates...

...the height of luxury, I know ;-)

I had just received OPI's My Vampire Is Buff in the post, which I am ecstatic about - a gorgeous new cream shade! - and it just so happened to perfectly match my box of choccies. So I used it as a base and stamped black swirls across my nails, with accents of writing and a pink ribbon. Here they are!

I am really, really quite pleased with this! The only concern is that I haven't top-coated it yet, and I have yet to master a smudge-free finish with Konad's black stamping polish. I am planning to try "setting" my nails in cold water first.


Lisa xx


  1. You have gotten that box spot on :)

  2. Wow so beautiful and classy!

  3. Ahh love this! amazing! I know what you mean with the smudging, I've smudged mine so many times with topcoat. Some topcoats are worse than others. x

  4. Lovely!!! I buy the bundle monster's plates and i can wait to use them!

  5. That is lovely manicure. What did you use to get the words the right way round?


  6. Hello! It's not a newspaper manicure, it's a Bundle Monster stamping image which is why they're the right way round :) xx


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