Saturday, 2 March 2013

Outdoor Girl Nail Art Wraps


Today I have on some nail art wraps by Outdoor Girl in a design called Plain Rose Choco. I saw them in Poundland and, even though I knew they weren't "proper" wraps, I loved the design so decided to give them a go.

There are a variety of sizes in the pack and the instructions are simple - stick the wraps onto your nails, smooth them down and file the excess off the edges with the nail file provided. As I mentioned, they're not true nail wraps, more like thick full-nail stickers with a good adhesive. Because of their thickness it was very hard to get them completely smooth on my nails, and so I have a lot of creases around the edges which annoys a perfectionist like myself! In addition to this, after I filed off the excess I was left with some tip wear and slightly ragged edges on some nails - the nail file was very coarse so that may have been the issue. After I applied them I added top coat and wrapped my tips. This wasn't mentioned in the instructions, but had I not done so I think the stickers would have started to lift up as I used my hands and nails throughout the day.

All that being said, I am still very much in love with the design. Here are my nails:

All in all the Outdoor Girl nail wraps are a cheap option that I couldn't resist trying out for the pattern. In future though I'll probably stick to my YRNails full water decals - in fact, I will gladly be peeling these stickers off tonight and replacing them with the YRNails!

In other Lisa-related news, I have a new job - yay! As usual I'm worried about my health and how it'll affect my ability to work, but I do like the job so far and am happy ^_^ It's a casual workplace so happily I can wear my nails as I like! Here is a quick pic of what I wore to my training day and first shift, Layla's Red Taboo holo:

Indoors at my workstation the rainbow holo really shone through and I kept looking down at my nails in between calls ^_^


Lisa xx


  1. What a gorgeous pattern! I love poundland, you never know what you might find.

  2. That design is soo cute! I've seen wraps in the pound shop but only ever seen one design before this one I liked. Great find :)

    Congrats on the new job, that Layla polish is gorgeous x


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