Tuesday, 26 February 2013

31 Day Challenge ~ Duochrome, Flakie or Holo


For today's challenge I was torn between trying out my Layla green holo and doing a flakie mani, and I eventually decided on the latter. I delved into my collection and combined an untried - Nails Inc's super-blue Baker Street - and a special find I've had for a good while, Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure. I applied Hidden Treasure over 2 coats of Baker Street then matted it for a truly ethereal look! Here it is, as best as I could photograph it:

Shimmery, flaky, mermaidy, I am so glad I found both of these polishes :-)

And here are my fellow bloggers with their own beautiful manicures for this challenge:


Lisa xx


  1. This is so gorgeous :) love the flakies over the blue

  2. Thats so pretty! I wish I owned more flakies! x


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