Friday, 22 February 2013

Layla ~ Coral Glam


Today's polish is one I managed to get thanks to an Amazon gift voucher from my uncle... I'd originally ordered a laptop cooling pad but it never came back in stock so I went on the hunt for something sparkly instead! Layla's Hologram Effect Polish in Coral Glam seemed like a beautiful holo that would still be suitable for work if I manage to find a job ~ perfect!

The brush and formula for Coral Glam is good but the application is a little patchy; I've heard that there's a special file or base you can use to get a better result, but I didn't know that when buying. Nonetheless my end result was a gorgeous linear holo and a peachy coral tone that complements my light skin tone really well. I used three coats and topped it with a quick-dry top coat - at first it seemed like the top coat ruined the holo, but as it dried the stunning linear effect came back. Here it is!

How pretty?!

I also own Red Taboo and Emerald Divine from the Layla Hologram range so may research how to get the very best result in future, but until then I am a happy girl!


Lisa xx

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  1. Ooh, it's gorgeous! Can't get enough of holos! xx


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