Sunday, 17 February 2013

Outdoor Girl ~ Yellow Sun


Today I have for you a light, creamy yellow by Outdoor Girl. I'd heard the brand name but had never seen their polishes before, so when I saw Yellow Sun in a little shop in Newcastle I decided to give it a try! It seems to be a "bargain" brand and I paid £1.99 for the polish.

Unfortunately, because it is a bargain brand, the brush is terrible - bristly and splaying out. However, it did not prevent me from achieving a pretty, streak free finish in 3 coats. The polish is slightly on the thick side, especially as you add more coats. Here is the result which I am nonetheless happy with:

The polish is slightly yellower than it appears in the bottle but it is a lovely Spring pastel shade, very cheerful!

This is very much a budget polish - if you don't mind a bad application then the end result is nice, but I wouldn't seek out the brand again. Has anyone had a better experience with Outdoor Girl?


Lisa xx

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