Friday, 15 February 2013

Konad Stamping Polish ~ Pastel Violet


Again, my apologies for the sporadic posting - life has thrown me a few lemons and I'm trying to smile through. One definite thing to have cheered me up is my current manicure! A little while ago I bought Konad's Pastel Violet stamping polish from Nail Delights and I have finally gotten around to using it in a wonderfully delicate mani.

For my base colour I used Sally Hansen's Lavender Cloud and chose the delicate floral pattern from Konad's m71 plate to adorn it with my new stamping polish. Here it is:

The pastel violet stamps so well and I am so glad! Forgiving my couple of stamping smears it is perfectly opaque and clear (my middle fingernail shows its full potential). I forsee trying out a lot more delicate and feminine manicure ideas with this colour.

I can't afford new polishes at all right now, which really could be a good thing as I already have so many polishes and nail art combinations left to try. Illamasqua's blue speckled polish and a couple of the new Barry M textures are most definitely on my wishlist for when (if ever!) I can buy them, but for now I will keep delving into my collection and hopefully will be up to posting the results here!


Lisa xx


Thank you so much for reading! I love hearing from fellow polish addicts so comments are most appreciated. Just to let you know that I am unwell some of the time but will try my best to reply xx