Monday, 21 April 2014

Seventeen Crushed Foils Nail Effects ~ Gold


A few days ago on Facebook I noticed that Seventeen had launched some new nail effects polishes, so I decided to get down to Boots and buy a few to try out! They're on 3 for 2 at the moment so I bought one polish from each new collection: Juicy Neons, Crushed Foils and Off The Wall Metals.

When I picked up the Crushed Foil polish in Gold I had no idea how it would look on the nail. It looks a bit strange in the bottle - gold shard glitter pieces in a milky polish - but once I started applying it, it started to make sense! I'll let the photo do the talking to start with. Here are two coats of Crushed Foil over black:

It's an ultra-cool rock polish!

So the milky base is a clear-drying matte which gives your mani a really cool edge (it does lighten your base colour a little). The shards of glitter go on great and are just the right amount. This mani brought me back to when I was a goth in my late teens, a very happy time ^_^

I reckon it would be helpful if Seventeen had photos showing how these Crushed Foils look on your nails, because they are a bit confusing in the bottle! I was happy to buy one and test it out but could easily have passed them by.

I'll be back soon with the other two polishes I bought from the Juicy Neon and Off The Wall Metal ranges.


Lisa xx


  1. I love this look! :) I will be waiting in anticipation for the Juicy Neons manicure from you!

    1. Thank you very much, I'm about to post the Juicy polish now! It is a very sheer polish so may try out more manicures with it in the future as well xx


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