Thursday, 3 April 2014

Vera Valenti Mirror Effect ~ Blue


In the past week I've spotted some real bargains while I've been out and about, and so my next few blog posts will be along the theme of "Things Lisa Should Not Have Bought But Couldn't Resist". This first post shows a TK Maxx find!

I shop at the TK Maxx on Northumberland Street in Newcastle. This past week I've seen a decent lot of nail stuff, including the Vera Valenti set I have to show you today. The set costs £2.99 and is presented in a box of two polishes: a colourful one-coat creme and a mirror effect chrome. I saw purple, blue and green sets, and I settled for the blue.

The mirror effect polish is really quite lovely! It's not exactly reflective like the name or box would imply, but it's a shining blue chrome that applies extremely smoothly and looks gorgeous. The one-coat blue is a bright cheering-up colour, but I did need two coats. Both polishes have good formulas and wide brushes, which I personally love. Here are both polishes with the mirror effect stamped on the middle finger:

And here's what to look out for in store:

So the polishes aren't exactly as advertised but they are still very good indeed, especially the mirror effect polish. At £2.99 for the set it is an utter bargain. Has anyone else spotted these?


Lisa xx

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  1. Another manicure so delicate and precise, I like it a lot


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