Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Switched-Up Polka Dot Manicure


I haven't been fully keeping up with blogging about my manicures recently, and I'm sorry! Life is a bit transitional at the moment - I've had some medical assessments, am on the waiting list for more mental health help and I'm waiting to see if I can/must go back to work. It's all a bit intimidating and it's been easier to just post photos quickly on Instagram. But I'll catch up over the next few days with some manicures that are lounging in my Dropbox folder ^_^

Yesterday I wanted something simple yet bright and cheerful, so I got out the brightest and most cheerful blue in the world, Baker Street by Nails Inc! All my nails got painted blue except for my ring fingers which I painted white as accents. On my thumb I stamped polka dots in white, and on my accent nails I stamped the dots in Baker Street blue.

I thought this was a nice bright look for Summer!


Lisa xx


  1. This is pretty and I like! Loving the blues and the dots :-)

    1. Thank you so much!! I'm sorry for not always replying to comments while I've been ill, but it makes me so happy to see them xxxxx


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