Sunday, 1 June 2014

Lace & Kitty Manicure


I bought a few of Barry M's new Gelly polishes last week, and today I tried out Coconut. I paired it with stamping using MoYou plates Kitty 11 and Tourist 07, also new purchases which I have been using a lot since they came through my letterbox!

Coconut is a goooorgeous cream colour, just the kind of shade I love. It goes on in two coats and the formula is great. For the stamping I varied the lace design from Tourist 07 across my nails, adding a cat from the Kitty 07 plate to my right ring finger. Here it is on both hands:

I was actually thinking of a more colourful manicure before doing this but I'm so glad I tried Coconut out with the black stamping. I feel very romantic ^_^ Now all I have left to try out is Barry M Almond from the same range.


Lisa xx


  1. You didn't need any colour, this manicure is really pretty in black and white. Especially the lace stamping. :)

  2. Love this! Great minds think alike.... I love Coconut too, and I've still got Almond sitting here on my desk waiting to be worn - the last one of my pick of the new Gellys!

  3. Coconut looks really nice and I love that little cat :-)


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