Saturday, 31 May 2014

Eiffel Tower Passport Manicure


This is another manicure using my new MoYou stamping plate, Tourist 07. This time I used the Eiffel Tower stamp image which has a passport style to it!

I used the clingfilm technique first to create a mottled passport paper effect. My polishes were Barry M Pearl and Heather, glowing white and purple colours from their Silk Effects range. I applied a layer of top coat to smooth out the clingfilm effect then stamped on my Eiffel Towers in dark grey.

I feel romantic and nostalgic! I lived just south of Paris for 9 months so it's lovely to have a little reminder of my travels on my nails.


Lisa xx

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  1. Nice! This looks cool and I like the effect you have acheived too :-)


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