Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Colour-Changing Rose Manicure


Today's manicure is inspired by Wacky Laki's Blushing Roses manicure which I saw on Instagram. Please check her out if you like the mani because it's her idea and it's beautiful!

The idea is to pair rose stamping with a thermal polish to give the effect of the flowers blushing and changing colour. For my version I painted Dance Legend's colour-changing polish #178 as a base. I then stamped the rose pattern from my new MoYou Tourist 07 plate over it in black and top-coated.

To get a good photo of the effect I stuck my hand in the fridge-freezer first! One of the crazy things you do as a nail blogger! The Dance Legend polish changes from light pink to hot pink, here are two pics showing it off across my nails:

What a cool idea, right? Thanks to Wacky Laki for the inspiration!


Lisa xx


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