Thursday, 15 May 2014

Vintage Floral Nail Stamps

This post contains products which were sent to me for review :-)


Today I'm showing you a new kind of water decal from Born Pretty Store. It's called a Nail Stamp and comes as a little patterned sheet that you can cut and use as you like, and I received a very pretty vintage floral design.

This decal applies like a temporary tattoo which is really cool! You stick the design face down onto your nail and wet the backing paper before sliding it off. This makes for accurate application and the decal adheres extremely well and smoothly to the nail.

The size of the decal itself is really quite small so it's definitely more for accent nails and nail art than for a full manicure. I decided to do one full nail plus a circle of the pattern on my ring finger, an idea which I ended up loving. I applied them over a pale pink, Sally Hansen Crinoline.

And here I'm showing you the second Nail Stamp I received for review, to show you the size:

The size is definitely a downside and I was a little surprised when I received it! That said, I honestly like the pattern and quality of the decal and I might just shell out the $2.45 for another design or a refill of this one. I would cut it into circles again to get the most out of the sheet.

As always you can get 10% off your Born Pretty Store order with my coupon code, CMBQ10 :

I'm also going to add to this mani with some birdcage stamping, be back with it soon!


Lisa xx

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