Friday, 9 May 2014

Lisa's Operation Update


This is just an update for anyone that knew I was going in for gallbladder surgery on Wednesday, plus a manicure to keep it relevant!

The operation was successful and I am now parted from my very troublesome gallbladder! I stayed in hospital overnight and came home on Thursday morning. I'm feeling very well, just a little bit sore, but can move around and do things for myself.

Things didn't go perfectly smoothly - I had a bit of a mental health crisis before being anaesthetised, and the operation itself took longer than normal because my gallbladder was really beaten up - but all is well now.

On the same positive note, here is the beautiful Fantasy Fire by Max Factor which I wore before the day of the operation:

Thanks so much for the support and kind words and I hope to be back posting new manicures soon!


Lisa xx


  1. So glad to hear you are well! I wish you a speedy recovery :)

  2. Hope you are doing well now :-) These things can be very scary.

    Fire Fantasy is so lovely :-)

  3. Glad to hear it went relatively OK. Hope the discomfort goes soon.


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